This is the EV-Peak Four Port Quad Charger, 110V-120V Version.

Charge FOUR batteries at once! Even if they are not the same chemistry, voltage, or capacity. This charger has 4 individual charge ports and plugs directly into the wall. It also can be connected to a DC power source such as a 12V car battery or a DC Power Supply.
The Charger also features LiPo Balance Charge, LiPo Storage, and LiPo Discharge modes.

High Power:
The Q320AC can output up to 80Watts/7Amps from each port at the same time! Each port is fully independent of each other and has its own dedicated power! Using 80Watts/7Amps on a port in no way limits any of the other ports’ ability to charge to its full potential! Max the charger out by using 80Watts/7Amps on each port at the same time for a total of 320Watts!

EV-Peak is known for their great reliability. They use the best internal components and circuitry available to create long lasting products. Their reliability rivals that of name brand manufacturers such as Hitec, Duratrax, Traxxas, etc. And all this is backed by an easy 1 year warranty!

High Power Output:
This charger boasts 80Watts of power per port! Most chargers such as Hitec only offer 50Watts per channel. But this charger leaves them all in the dust, allowing your packs to charge faster! It offers a 7Amp charge rate!

Digital Power Mode
Each Port can act as a power supply! Use this function to power external items such as a pit light, tire truer, motor checker, charger, or anything else that runs off of DC power. Both the Voltage and Amperage are adjustable to suit the needs of the connected device.

Lithium Cell Check
Check the voltage of a Lithium battery’s cells when plugged into the balance port. Simply hold the INC button when in a Lithium menu. The screen will provide a readout of each cell’s voltage.

Menu Options:

  • LiPo Battery, LiIon Battery, LiFe Battery
    • Charge
    • Balance Charge (Balances cells inside of battery for optimal performance & safety)
    • Storage Mode (Brings battery to approx. half charge, best for long term non-use)
    • Discharge (Final Cell Voltage is Adjustable. LiPo 3.0V-4.0V. LiIo 3.0V-4.0V. LiFe 2.0V-3.0V)
  • NiMh
    • Manual Charge (Manually set charge amperage)
    • Auto Charge (Set amperage limit, charger will auto adjust)
    • Discharge (Voltage adjustable from 0.1V-24.0V)
    • Cycle (Cycle Charge/Discharge or Discharge/Charge up to 5 times)
  • NiCd
    • Manual Charge (Manually set charge amperage)
    • Auto Charge (Set amperage limit, charger will auto adjust)
    • Discharge (Voltage adjustable from 0.1V-24.0V)
    • Cycle (Cycle Charge/Discharge or Discharge/Charge up to 5 times)
  • Pb (Lead Acid batteries such as the battery in your car)
    • Charge
    • Discharge
  • Digital Power
    • Use this function to power external items such as a pit light, tire truer, motor checker, charger, or anything else that runs off of DC power.
    • Amperage adjustable from 0.1A-7.0A
    • Voltage Adjustable from 3.0V-24.0V
  • User Settings
    • Precharge Time
    • Wait Time (between charge & discharge cycles, 1-60min)
    • NiMh Peak Sensitivity
    • NiCd Peak Sensitivity
    • Temp Cutoff
    • Safety Timer
    • Capacity Cutoff
    • Input Power Low Voltage Cutoff
    • Key Beep and Buzzer Sound (On or Off)
    • Back Light (0%-100%)
    • Factory Reset

EV-Peak offers a great 1 Year warranty on their chargers. This warranty covers manufacturers defects. This warranty does not cover end-user misuse or abuse. In the event of a repair/replacement the customer is responsible for shipping the unit to us in NY, while we will cover the cost of shipping the unit back to the customer.


AC Input voltage AC 110V-120V
DC Input voltage range DC 11.0V-18.0V
Charge current range 0.1A-7.0A
Discharge current range 0.1A-2.0A
Charge power limited 80W x 4
Discharge power limited 10W x 4
Balance current max.500mA
Balance tolerance ±0.01V
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count 1-16cells
Lithium battery types Li-Po, Li-ion, Li-Fe
Lithium battery cell count 1-6 series
Pb battery voltage 2V-20V
mAh Capacity: 100mAh – 25,000mAh (Can charge batteries w/ higher capacity, but restarting the charge process will be required once maximum is reached)
Dimensions 240mm x 223mm x 67mm


  • Q6320AC 4 Port Charger, 110V-120V Version
  • AC Power Cord
  • DC Power Cord
  • 2x JST-XH Balance Boards
  • 2x DC Power Cord Clips
  • Charge Leads
    • Alligator Clips
    • Futaba/Rx
    • JST
    • Bare Leads
  • Instructional Manual
  • EV-Peak Warranty


Recommended Items:
Lipo-Safe Charge Bags: GTP1101, GTP1102, GTP1103
Lipo-Safe Charge Boxes: GTP1111, GTP1112, GTP1113

Additional/Alternate Balance Boards: GTP1005, GTP1006

Additional Charge Leads (4mm Bullet to desired Plug):
GTP0001 Deans

GTP0002 Traxxas
GTP0003 Tamiya/Molex
GTP0004 Futaba Plug/Receiver/JST

Temperature Sensor: GTP1004

Package Weight 5.50 lbs
Package Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in

26 reviews for Q6320AC 120V Four-Channel 4 Port (7Amps, 320Watts): LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, NiCd, NiMh, Pb AC/DC Balancing Battery Multicharger

  1. Don Yegan

    I love the ease of use of this charger. It does everything I expected it to and more. The flexibility of charging so many different types of batteries is amazing. There is a big “but” to this review. I have had two fans go out in less than a year. This last time the unit was very hot after I noticed it and it now has a burnt smell. After Dirt Cheap RC sent a replacement fan, it works as well as before, but I have to wonder if damage occurred as a result of the overheating. It is interesting that it doesn’t have some type of thermal overload feature to automatically turn it off. The smell is pretty annoying throughout my work area while it is charging and hopefully at some point it will go away. I am very pleased except for the fans which will decrease my rating. Dirt Cheap RC has been great about replacing the fans. There is no issue there.

  2. William Reneau

    This is an A+ charger. Thanks to you guys!

  3. Brian Meier

    This is an amazing charger, and it works very well. Thank You for your business and fast shipping!

  4. Dave Galusha

    This is exactly as advertised with fast shipping and good packaging. Thank you! A+

  5. Mark McClelland

    This is simply a wonderful charger, as it has all the features that the Hitec offers plus more. Dirt Cheap RC has been around for a while too. You can trust that they will be there if you need warranty help, but I doubt you will. This charger seems very high quality as far as build and components are concerned.

  6. Thomas P Beere

    This is an excellent charger for the money and very flexible as far as it’s abilities! It is very handy.

  7. jebidiah smail

    This is a great charger. The manual is difficult to read due to some bad English, but once you figure out how to work the charger it is a breeze to use.

  8. Shaun Ehsani

    This product is as described and even better. It has some extra functions that are not even listed in the description making this charger even better than I had hoped. One of the coolest features is the Voltage Tester. When you’re in the LiPo program, simply hold the “+” button down and it will show the voltage in each cell of your battery. The other really cool thing is the Digital Power mode. Each output can act as a power supply. You can operate a tire truer, pit light, or even another charger. Amperage and voltage are adjustable to suit the needs of all different applications. This is a great deal. Thank you!

  9. Don Yegan

    The ease of placing 4 batteries in storage mode at the end of a day and then returning them back to full charge the night before going out is incredible! It is very solidly built and simple to set up. The only issue encountered (on two units) is the fan. After a few weeks use, it roars when the unit is first turned on. Eventually, the noise goes away and then the fan comes up to speed. When mentioning it to the service rep, they immediately sent a replacement. Switching it out required removing the top cover and associated screws and unplugging the fan. Its simple. I am concerned it will happen again, but with the protection of a 1 year warranty and Dirt Cheap RC standing behind their products, I have complete confidence that I will be taken care of if the fan fails in the future. I have to say I’m a very happy camper with the purchase and the customer service that was provided when something went wrong.

  10. James Marich

    This is an awesome charger and very easy to use! Seems to balance all cells within ~.01mV of each other if not dead on. It is pretty impressive given the cost IMO. The shipping was fast (as usual) and this company/website is just plain awesome to shop with. They have best prices (on most things)! This charger does great with multiple batteries as stated, and the options/features to choose are all there. You can charge, balance charge, discharge, storage charge, and it even has an option to use a port as a DC output . This is very cool, but I wish I would’ve known that before I purchased a DC power supply for motor testing and such with the charger. The TrakPower 12V/25A unit is also great, by the way, and priced reasonably! I’m not sure what the max output on DC supply mode is as I have not used that feature yet, but I just happened to notice it was available. I have actually only used this with the DC supply and not on a built-in AC supply, so I didn’t draw too many Amps from my home circuit. I’m stuck with old push button breakers and knob and tube ancient wiring and the DC supply has yet to trip anything on full 15V output charging this charger and my onyx 245 dual port with 2 batteries on each simultaneously at 5A charge rate on the 245 and at 7A with this one. This charger definitely puts out its claimed 80W per port and I can say I’m impressed with the value to quality ratio. Hope this helps with anyone stuck between decisions as I was also stuck between this one and the HiTech. I’m happy with this choice, personally, and it suits all my needs! Thanks for reading and take care!

  11. William Taylor

    This is a great product. It does everything the other chargers do at a significantly lower price!

  12. Lawrence Glenn

    This product works perfectly and is very easy to use. It is nice to have everything in a complete package with no separate power supply. It charges all my LiPos quickly and safely. I highly recommend.

  13. Richard Fischer

    This item is as advertised on the website. I received quick shipping.

  14. Robert Gabrielson

    Bought this 8 months ago, and it has been a great charger running AC. Always charged 2-4 batters at 5A each with no problem. Today I tried to charge 2 at 7A – poof. AC transformer went out. Luckily, it still works on DC, but I wish it hadn’t happened. LCD display wonky since day 1, but I just ignored it.

    Admin Reply:
    Hi Robert. We are very sorry to hear that this charger has failed on you. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help make it right.

  15. Kim Van Noort

    I’m very pleased with this charger. It is so useful. It is very reliable so far for the month that I have owned it.

  16. Martin Chorley

    I give this site an A++!

  17. Homayoon Tajalli

    This is a great charger. It does what it is supposed to do.

  18. Andrew Simmering

    Wow! This is a fast charger and is of good quality. Thank you Dirt Cheap RC.

  19. Brett Hanson

    I give this site an A+. I received fast shipping. This charger works great! I can charge four batteries at once!

  20. ray schroeder

    This unit is flawless! I am very impressed with the performance as well as the low price.

  21. Andre Jones

    This is a great charger. I received fast shipping and good communication. Thanks!

  22. John Mazzanti

    This is a great product, and I received fast shipping. Thank you!

  23. Bill Sherry

    This is a very good charger. It works well.

  24. Gregg Stockdale

    I received fast shipping, as advertized. It is a nice product! Thanks!

  25. Christer Johansen

    They have excellent service! They are reliable and ship quickly. A+ service!

  26. Jose Acevedo

    This is a great charger. It shipped quickly. Thanks! A+ service!

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