Looking for a simple plug and play charger to recharge your LiPo or LiFe packs? Look no further! The PD606 is as easy as it gets. No extensive menus or settings. Set the Amperage and plug your battery in. It does the rest for you.

This is a high end, intelligent, hobby grade charger that can be plugged into the wall or used out in the field.
It will balance charge your LiPo or LiFe battery through it’s JST-XH Balance Plug (white plug with multiple small wires). Balance charging is important as it equalizes the cells in the battery in order to maximize the battery’s life span and also ensure safe charging.

This charger is FASTER than the original charger for the DJI Phantom, DJI FC40 and Parrot AR Drone 1.0 & 2.0.
The DJI charger offers only 20Watts of power. So it can charge at a max rate of only 1.5 Amps. Amps x Volts = Watts. So 20Watts / 12.6Volts = 1.5Amps. But this GT Power PD606 charger offers 50Watts of Power and a 6Amp charge rate. So you will always be able to charge your DJI battery at its recommended charge rate of 2.2Amps. This will recharge the battery in about 60 minutes. Bump up the charge rate for even quicker charge times!

The Intelligent Digital Display will inform you of your battery’s charge voltage, how many mAh were put back into the battery, each cell’s individual voltage, and more!


  • Charge a 1S-6S battery with Ease.
  • Charge Multiple batteries at the same time
    • 6x 1S Batteries
    • 3x 2S Batteries
    • 2x 3S Batteries
    • 1x 2S & 1x 4S Battery
    • 1x 1S & 1x 5S Battery
    • 1x 6S Battery
  • Detects the current rate and capacity of each individual cell.
  • Detects the cell count automatically
  • Auto charge and Auto cut-off for maximum safety
  • Plug and unplug batteries during the charging process as you please. The charger will auto-detect and continue the charge process.
  • Temperature protection will auto-adjust the current while charging so it will not overheat.
  • It can function as a voltage tester by setting the charge current to 0 and plugging a battery in.
  • Great warranty through a reliable US seller, us!

GT Power offers a great 1 Year warranty on their chargers. This warranty covers manufacturers defects. This warranty does not cover end-user misuse or abuse. In the event of a repair/replacement the customer is responsible for shipping the unit to us in NY, while we will cover the cost of shipping the unit back to the customer.


Operating Voltage Range: AC 100-240V / DC 10 – 18V
Circuit Power: Max. 50Watts
Charge Current Range: 0.0 – 6.0A (Amperage auto adjusts to 50W max based on battery voltage)
Lithium Battery Cell Count: 1-6 Series
Charge Connector: JST-XH 2.5
Battery Chemistry: LiPo or LiFe
Dimensions: 135mm x 148mm x 45mm


  • PD606 AC/DC Balance Charger
  • JST-XH Breakout Charging Board
  • AC Power Cord
  • DC Power Cord
  • 1 Year Warranty

** Only connect batteries to the SAME area of the charging board. For example, do not connect a battery to area A and also to area B at the same time. If using area A, then only add a battery to area A, no other area. Or else damage to the charger or battery could occur and result in an unsafe condition such as a fire.

Equipment Needed:

Recommended Items:
Lipo-Safe Charge Bags: GTP1101, GTP1102, GTP1103
Lipo-Safe Charge Boxes: GTP1111, GTP1112, GTP1113
Balance Lead Extensions: GTP1202, GTP1203, GTP1204 (to easily reach charger ports from inside the LiPo Safe Bag)

Package Weight 1.50 lbs
Package Dimensions 9.2 × 5.5 × 2.2 in


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