This adapter will plug into a Battery that has an EC3/IC3 plug and allow you to connect it to a Vehicle, Speed Controller (ESC), or even a Charger that has an XT60 connector on it.


Total Length: Approx. 3″ (7cm)
Wires: 12AWG Silicone

Package Weight .02 lbs
Package Dimensions 3 × .75 × .3 in
Cable Plug #1

XT60 Female

Cable Plug #2

EC3/IC3 Male

Cable Type

High Current Adapter

1 review for High Current Adapter – XT60 (XT-60) Female to EC3 (EC-3, IC3, IC-3) Male (12AWG) – For Battery, ESC, or Charger (Leads, Cables, Wires, Connectors, Plugs)

  1. Troy williams

    How much can one say about an electrical adapter? It’s well made, arrived quickly, worked well and now I’ve changed my mind and will be buying a Deans adapter! Lol

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