This adapter will plug into a Battery that has a HXT4.0mm (Redcat 4mm) plug and allow you to connect it to a Vehicle, Speed Controller (ESC), or even a Charger that has a Traxxas connector on it. This will work as an adapter for Traxxas ID vehicles and chargers as well. (Please see charger manual for Advanced Charging Mode.)

Note: Some manufacturers wire the HXT4.0mm plug differently. Please confirm the bullet plugs and the polarity from this adapter are a match for your battery plug.


Total Length: Approx. 3″ (7cm)
Wires: 12AWG Silicone

Package Weight .02 lbs
Package Dimensions 3 × .75 × .3 in
Cable Plug #1

Traxxas Female

Cable Plug #2

HXT4.0 Redcat Male

Cable Type

High Current Adapter


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