This is the EV-Peak e4 balance charger. It is a great LiPo charger that is safe, powerful and compact.

The charger features LiPo Cell Balancing. So each cell will be charged to the proper voltage level independently. This removes the chance of overcharging a cell, potentially resulting in a fire.

The charger is quite compact. And it plugs directly into a wall outlet. It can be used with outlets around the world since it can handle 100V-240V with its auto-switching power supply. It features 4 easy to understand LED lights that indicate to the user how full the battery is. 1 LED indicates 25%. 2 LED lights indicates 50%. 3 LED lights indicates 75%. And 4 LED lights, of course, indicates a full charge. Simply plug a battery in and the charger will recognize it and begin to charge it.

The e4’s goal is to provide reliability. EV-Peak uses the best components on the market so that the charger will work and work well for the customer. This unit uses a fan, due to its high power to keep the internal components running calm and cool.

EV-Peak offers a great 1 Year warranty on their chargers. This warranty covers manufacturers defects. This warranty does not cover end-user misuse or abuse. In the event of a repair/replacement the customer is responsible for shipping the unit to us in NY, while we will cover the cost of shipping the unit back to the customer.


  • High Power Output (4Amps/50Watts) will recharge your LiPo quickly</>
  • Balance Charges 2S, 3S, or 4SLiPo batteries
  • Small and Compact
  • Easy Indicator Lights
  • EV-Peak Reliability


AC Input voltage 100V-240V
Charge power 50W
Charge current 4.0A
Plug Type JST-XH
Balance current 300mA
LiPo battery cell count 2-4 Series
Indication 4x LED Capacity Indication
Dimension 98 x 98 x 36 mm
Weight 278g


  • e4 LiPo Balance Charger
  • AC Cord
  • Operating Manual
  • EV-Peak Warranty


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Package Weight 0.80 lbs
Package Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
Charger Battery Chemistry

Charger Cables Included

Charger Max Amperage

Charger Ports

Charger Power (AC)

Charger Power Input


Charger Screen

24 reviews for e4 (4Amps, 50Watts) 2S, 3S, 4S (7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V) AC Lipo Balancing Battery Charger

  1. Reed Page

    Great charger! Charges my 3s battery in less than 2 hrs! Can’t beat the price. Very happy with purchase. Fast shipping as well.

  2. erdi_76

    Este producto el funcionamiento es perfecto para personas de poca esperencia Carga perfecto,No hay que programarlo Todo fácilmente.Lo recomiendo.

  3. hbjj221

    Booo. Worked great for 2 charges, now it won’t charge anything. Very disappointed because it looks nice and seems well constructed. Don’t be fooled.

    • dirtcheaprc

      We attempted to replace this for the customer. But they had thrown it away.

  4. panda9082013

    Works great. Looks good, fast shipping. Thank you!

  5. vaiosont

    Good Seller A+

  6. byronie34

    Great store. Charger works as advertised.

  7. Lucky Brannon

    Its fast, small & idiot proof. So far I love it. The slightly noisy fan cuts off when battery is charged so I can tell when it’s done. Charges my 2s 50c 6200mAh batteries in less than a hour & half every time & 2s 35c 1500mAh batteries in about 45 minutes which for cheaper charger is awesome. There are no settings, just plug & play because the charger does all the work. I recommend for newbs & the experienced. I’d definitely buy it again. Now I’ll have to see how long it lasts with daily use.

  8. dukek9

    FAST shipping!!! Great deal!!!

  9. David S.

    Bought this for a friend’s son and recommended it for a coworker. Neither has LiPo charging experience, so the simple plug-and-play operation of this charger seemed to be just the ticket. Both love the charger and tell me that it works well for them. Buy an extension for the balance port so you can put your batteries in a LiPo-safe bag and charge with confidence.

  10. Luis

    One of the best and easy to use Lipo chargers. Just plug in your lipo from 2-4S and it will auto detect and start charging and turn off when its all done. Or at least you’ll stop hearing the fan and the charge indication will all stay lit. But you can’t charge multiple lipo battery sizes at the same time, its not that kind of charger.

  11. Aaron

    Quick charge for sure, but doesn’t top the batteries off completely.

    Came back to update this review. It doesn’t top off completely because that is how “fast charging” works. The same methodology is used in smart phones nowadays for their fast charge modes. If you’re curious, google it up.

    I use this all the time @ work to charge batteries up if it’s sunny outside and I have the chance to fly my quads after work. It small enough to keep in my backpack with all my other gear. It’s required wattage is low enough that I can safely run it on a cheap power invertor in my car, etc.

  12. Pammylebo

    It charges very fast 15 minutes it a very good idea to stay in the room with it. Follow the instructions and you can’t go wrong plug the charger in first and then the battery into the charger. It’s also a good idea to touch the battery and charger to see how warm they get. The fan goes from low to high depending upon how warm it gets. It charges my 4S1100 mah and 3S 1550 with no problem. Make sure the batteries been sitting a while and Cold down.

  13. -AB

    Wow, this charger is fast. It has been able to charge 2S and 3S lipos in minutes (as opposed to the normal, hours long process the provided factory chargers take). If there was a way to know for certain that these batteries were not being over-charged, I’d give this charger 5 stars.

  14. Tanner Jones

    Seemed to charge the batteries pretty quick, but then I put it on my other charger and turns out the battery wasn’t even at 80% when this charger said it was at 100%

  15. wilsotodtod

    super fast. this battery charger is super fast charging my batteries on my rc boat.. would highly advise everybody to buy this charger

  16. Adam

    The charger is built well and looks like it will hold up pretty well. I am charging 2S & 3S batteries up to 5000mah. My Armada PRO93 amp clamp reads 4 amps when charging. Beware that not all lipo batteries can be charged at 4 amps. I would recommend downloading a lipo charge calculator app to see if your batteries can handle a 4amp charge rate. The only drawback that I can find is the inability to adjust the charging current. The addition of a simple slide switch for 1, 2, 3, & 4amp would be outstanding. Overall a highly recommendable charger.

  17. aloud21

    Great seller. Ordered Sunday Night. Shipped Monday. Delivered Thursday

  18. mrpostman831

    Great seller, fast shipping, great product too!

  19. Marek

    Small, works good.

  20. thebombbidder

    Item as described and fast to ship. Excellent vendor. A++++

  21. rotor_rebel

    Great seller, charger is exactly as described. Thanks

  22. Candle Fire

    Great product, I wish the charging cords were longer though

  23. djtim102

    Easy to use. Fast to charge. Looks good. I recommend it.

  24. jon esperas

    Great little charger. Fast charging times; does 2s,3s, 4s lipo batteries. Will buy a second one for even faster charging.

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