Use this adapter to charge your batteries on your charger. Most chargers come with a Deans/T-Plug charge cable. But they do not come with a Traxxas TRX charge cable. This nifty little adapter fixes that problem and adds a little bit of extra length if needed.


Wire Length: 20cm (approx. 8″)
Wire Gauge: 18AWG
Adapter Use: Charging Only
Max Current: 10Amps


  • This is NOT a high current adapter for use between an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and Battery.
  • This adapter uses 18AWG wire and is for charging only, up to 10Amps.
  • For a high current adapter that can be used on an ESC, please search for GTPH0102 or GTPN0102.
Package Weight 0.05 lbs
Package Dimensions 5 × 3 × 0.5 in
Cable Plug #1

Deans Female

Cable Plug #2

Traxxas TRX Male

Cable Type

Charging Cable

2 reviews for Deans Ultra (T-Plug) Female to Traxxas TRX Male: Battery Charger Charging Adapter (Leads Cables Wires Plugs Connectors)

  1. Jake R

    Just what was needed to make possible the connections between my batteries.

  2. Daniel Bennett

    This item arrived well before the expected arrival date and in excellent condition. Thank you!

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