This power supply works great with high output chargers or when using multiple chargers on one power supply. It plugs right into your standard wall outlet with the included plug for convenience.


  • A whopping 20 Amps of output @ 12 Volts
  • 110V AC – 240V AC Compatible
  • 2 Power Output Ports
  • Amp Readout on Front


Input: AC 110V-240V
Output: DC 12V 20A


  • Power Supply
  • AC Wall Plug
  • GT Power Warranty
Package Weight 4.00 lbs
Package Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in

2 reviews for DC Switching Power Supply – 12Volts, 20Amps, 240Watts

  1. Brandon RICKETTS

    So far so good. 20 amps allows me to run my charger with four batteries at once. The unit doesn’t get hot and I also run a DC car stereo off of it in my garage. The outer cover is all plastic, which I thought seemed a little cheap, but I guess, as long as you don’t step on it or drop it, it should be fine.

  2. tony lawson

    This power converter and charger cost half of what a buddy of mine paid for his and it preforms great.

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