Use this with your charger to charge batteries that have the Deans Ultra connector installed.

Package Weight 0.05 lbs
Package Dimensions 5 × 3 × 0.5 in
Cable Plug #1

4mm Bullet Male

Cable Plug #2

Deans Male

Cable Type

Charging Cable

93 reviews for Battery Charger Lead/Cable – 4mm Banana/Bullet to Deans Ultra Male Plug Connector

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  42. Duane G. Jacobs

    Excellent quality. I bought this connector to run single 11.1v, 14.8v and 7.4v Lipos. This connector is well built and should last me awhile. I highly recommend this for those of you who wan to run a single battery pack in your RC electric.

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    Does One Thing, Does It Well. I had a charge cable with every single connection known to man (or woman) on it; didn’t need them all, only needed the Deans connection. Now, I only need to use this cable, and I can retire the octopus/squid.

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  74. B. Newph

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  75. frank.r.s

    The plug required slight modification with plyers to fit smoothly but otherwise good value. Banana plugs fit loosely in a 4mm hole. I have connection issues if I move the wires around but it’s ok if it’s still. Looks like the banana plugs will compress to 3mm max.

  76. bakersam

    Top quality exactly what I needed.

  77. Terence

    perfect fit. exactly what i was looking for to connect my lipo batteries to my charger/balancer.

  78. lensyas

    My Deans Ultra T- Plug with 4mm Bullet Banana Ends work great as expected…

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  80. Tammy D

    Exactly as described and worked to connect to Traxxas Stampede.

  81. Dan Rotman

    I received this product earlier than expected and it works great.

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    These are very good connectors. They are excellent and a great price!

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  85. Travis Fry

    These are great little charger leads. You couldn’t build these yourself for any cheaper.

  86. Don Yegan

    What could go wrong with a product with ultra capable Dean’s plugs and banana connectors? Me assembling them! High quality soldering, durable wiring and in a length that makes sense for a charger. Definitely worth the price and certainly not worth the hassle of building them on your own.

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  92. Greg Robertson

    I ordered this lead to charge me LiPo batteries with. I’m using it with a Thunder AC6 charger and it works like a charm! It seems solidly built with no signs of coming apart any time soon. I give this product a five out of five!

  93. Gordon Saltz

    These are great. You cant build them yourself for better or cheaper….great product.

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