Use this with your charger to balance charge 4s batteries that have the Traxxas ID connector installed.

One end of the cable plugs directly into a charger’s 4mm Output Ports and the 4s Balance Port.**
The other end of the adapter plugs into a Traxxas ID battery’s connector.


Length: Aprox. 27cm, 10″
Charging Wires: 18AWG
Balance Wires:
Balance Plugs: JST-XH

**NOTE: If your charger does not use 4mm Output Ports to charge, but rather charges through the Balance Port, please do not purchase this cable as it will present the possibility of crossing the Positive and Negative Bullet plugs since they will not be plugged into anything. Instead, purchase the GTP02124 or GTP12124 adapter.

Package Weight 0.07 lbs
Package Dimensions 5 × 3 × 0.75 in
Cable Plug #1

4mm Bullet Male

Cable Plug #2

Traxxas ID 4S Male

Cable Type

Charging Cable


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