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Vant Batteries offer an excellent value by providing factory direct pricing and quality that meets or exceeds that of other major battery manufacturers. Vant Batteries go through strict testing and quality control procedures in order to provide extremely accurate mAh, Voltage, and C ratings. Don’t let their low cost fool you, these batteries outperform major manufacturers batteries!!


  • Extremely high mAh rating for extended run times.
  • True Capacity and C-Rating
  • Thick 10AWG Discharge Leads
  • Traxxas High Current Style Connector
  • JST-XH Balance connector

Warranty: Vant Batteries are warranted to be free from defects upon delivery to the customer. They are warranted against failure for a period of 6 Months from the date of purchase. Misuse, abuse, or neglect by customer is not covered in this warranty. After the 6 Month warranty period, the Lifetime Replacement Plan takes effect. Under the Lifetime Replacement Plan, you can send in your battery to receive a replacement for 50% off the retail price of the battery.

Compatible With:

  • Virtually all 1/10 Scale Vehicles such as Traxxas Slash, Slash 4×4, Bandit, Rustler, Stampede, Stampede 4×4, E-Maxx, E-Revo, Summit, Monster Jam Replicas, etc.
    Most batteries are about 25mm high.
    Note that due to the ~29mm height of the battery, an extended battery strap may be needed for some vehicles.
  • Use the size specifications below to determine if this battery will fit your application.


Capacity: 8000mAh
Voltage: 2S / 2 Cell / 7.4v
Discharge Rate: 40C Constant (320A) / 80C Burst (10 sec) (640A)
Charge Rate: 2C (16.0A) Max
Watt Hours: 59.20Wh
Weight: 13.0oz / 370g
Dimensions LxWxH: 131.0 x 43.5 x 28.5 mm
Dimensions w/ wires folded at end of pack: 135.0 x 43.5 x 28.5 mm
*Note that dimensions may vary by ± ~1mm.
Discharge Plug: Traxxas High Current Style Connector
Balance Plug


  • 7.4V 8000mAh 2S Cell 40C-80C LiPo Battery Pack w/ Traxxas High Current Style Connector
  • Vant Battery Warranty w/ Lifetime Replacement Plan

Equipment Needed:
LiPo Balance charger capable of charging 2 cell LiPo batteries, Or a LiPo charger with an External Balancer

Equipment Recommended:
LiPo Safe Charging Bag/Sack/Pouch, Cell Voltage Reader, Extended Battery Strap if required by your vehicle.

Safety Notes & Warnings:
LiPo batteries are potentially hazardous. Improper usage can cause fire or explosion.
Charge and Store battery in LiPo-Safe Bag away from flammables on a concrete surface.
Charge using a LiPo compatible Balance Charger ONLY!
Never Charge above 4.2V per cell.
Never Discharge below 3.2V per cell.
Always use under adult supervision.
Store the battery in a place not accessible by children or infants.
Do not short the battery’s positive and negative terminals.
Stop use of the battery if it expands or the temperature reaches above 70° Celsius / 160° Fahrenheit.
The end-user is fully responsible for any results in using this battery pack.

Package Weight 1.00 lbs
Package Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in
Battery C-Rating

Battery Case

Battery Height

Battery Length


Battery mAh Rating

Battery Plug

Battery Voltage

20 reviews for 7.4V 8000mAh 2S Cell 40C-80C LiPo Battery Pack w/ Traxxas High Current Style Connector

  1. Rick Coffey

    These are great batteries. I now have 3 packs of these. They have a very long run time with great voltage and low internal resistance.

  2. Richard Cooper

    This was my third purchase from Dirt Cheap RC.
    The battery had the proper connector (XT60) as ordered, and despite the change from the original connector, the battery shipped very quickly.

    The battery works very well. I will be using Dirt Cheap RC for these Vant Batteries. The quality is high so far, and the price is extremely competitive.

    I like that the store will add on my connector of choice without delaying the shipment by much, if at all. The connector is installed well. I have had no problems at all. This battery, like my previous order, arrived with a perfect balance charge on it.

    I now have 2 Vant batteries and I couldn’t be more pleased with them.

    At this point, I keep my eye out for sales and Dirt Cheap RC will be my source for batteries in the future.

  3. Mike Mayo

    I am very impressed with this pack so far. I’ve been running it in 2 vehicles: Tekno EB48SL and Tekno SCT410.3. One of them I am running with a Tekin setup pro4HD 4300kv, and the other with a HW setup, SCT pro XERUN 4700kv. I honestly thought the load might be a bit much for this 40C pack, but I’ve been blown away by the performance overall. Not only has it handled about 10-15 cycles without a single issue, the temperatures have been identical to my other 75 and 100C packs. The soft pack is strong and I’m not worried at all about it falling apart.

    My cutoff is set to 3.3v on both my setups, and after hitting LVC, I’m still able to pump in over 7500mah into the pack each time, which allows me to confidently say the 8000mah rating is no exaggeration. As you can tell, I’m very pleased with this pack initially and plan to continue pushing it to test its limits while thoroughly enjoying the process.

  4. Rick Coffey

    This is an excellent battery at a very good price.

  5. Rick Coffey

    I bought one pack and liked them so much that I bought another. These are excellent batteries with great run time and voltage. I caught them on sale so they were a really good deal and shipped quickly!

  6. Jennifer Hudkins

    This item came just as described and arrived quickly. Thank you.

  7. Arnold Morgan

    These are awesome batteries with a lot of punch. The run time is great! I would highly recommend these. From now on, Vant Batteries are the only batteries I will run! By the way, the customer service is perfect!

  8. Jared Jacobson

    I generally don’t leave feedback but I did on yours. I purchased some batteries last year from you and they are still going strong! I am very satisfied and very happy with your pricing. I made you a favorite of mine and watch your listings often, since my RC crew of about 6 cars and trucks is in constant need. Thank you again!

  9. Arnold Morgan

    These batteries are awesome with a ton of punch. I drove for one and a half hours on these in my E-Maxx on the Street. Also, I drove fifty minutes on the beach playing hard in the sand. They fit perfect in the E-Maxx and the E-Revo.
    I recommend to get a pair! You won’t regret it! Plus, Dirt Cheap RC has awesome customer service and fast shipping!

  10. Mike Struble

    These are some great batteries for the price! Thank you!

  11. Cody Worthy

    Good product. Fast shipping. Good communication.

  12. Isadora Bledsoe

    I am a repeat buyer and I will be back. This had a great job with packing. A job well done. Thank you!

  13. Peter Colwell

    These are awesome batteries. They rock!

  14. Bryan Gold

    This is an awesome battery. It lasts a long time. I’m impressed.

  15. Konrad Dzula

    I received super fast shipping, an accurate product description. Dirt Cheap RC are excellent sellers! AAAA++++!

  16. Frank Mandaro

    This is a great price. It gives me 20 minutes of run-time in a Slash VXL 4×4 with its first run driving hard!

  17. Michael Rennicke

    I received quick shipping. Dirt Cheap RC is my new battery supplier. They have great deals.


  18. Diego Fenix

    Great! Great! Great! It is very good quality, fast shipping and good communication! Dirt Cheap RC rocks!

  19. Andrew Dapp

    These are very nice batteries at a great price with super fast shipping. Thank you!

  20. Chris Russell

    This is a great product. It is exactly as described with quick shipping! Thank you!

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