Vant Batteries offer an excellent value by providing factory direct pricing and quality that meets or exceeds that of other major battery manufacturers. Vant Batteries go through strict testing and quality control procedures in order to provide extremely accurate mAh, Voltage, and C ratings. Don’t let their low cost fool you, these batteries outperform major manufacturers batteries!!

This battery is now ROAR Approved!


  • True Capacity and C-Rating
  • Thick 12AWG Discharge Leads
  • Durable Hard Case
  • Traxxas High Current Style Connector
  • JST-XH Balance connector
  • Corner Exit leads for the wires provide great versatility for all battery compartment and battery tray types. (Lay-down or Stand-up)

6 Month Warranty: Vant Batteries are warranted to be free from defects upon delivery to the customer. They are warranted against failure for a period of 6 Months from the date of purchase. Crash damage, over-charging, over-discharging and other misuse by the customer is not covered in this warranty. In the event of a warranty replacement, shipping costs will be waived for the first 2 weeks of ownership. After which the customer is responsible for the shipping cost of the replacement battery.

Lifetime Replacement Plan: After the 6 Month warranty period, the Lifetime Replacement Plan takes effect. Under the Lifetime Replacement Plan, if a battery becomes faulty, the customer can receive a replacement for 20% off the current selling price of the battery w/ Free Shipping to the lower 48 states. Photo evidence of the faulty battery will be required. Applies to original battery owner and is not transferable.

Compatible With:

  • Virtually all 1/10 Scale Vehicles such as Traxxas Slash, Slash 4×4, Bandit, Rustler, Stampede, Stampede 4×4, E-Maxx, E-Revo, Monster Jam Replicas, etc.
  • Use the size specifications below to determine if this battery will fit your application.


Capacity: 5200mAh
Voltage: 2S / 2 Cell / 7.4v
Discharge Rate: 50C Constant (260A) / 100C Burst (10 sec) (520A)
Charge Rate: 2C (10.4A)
Watt Hours: 38.48Wh
Weight: 8.7oz / 248g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions LxWxH: 139.0 x 46.5 x 24.9 mm
Dimensions w/ Wiring: 139.0 x 46.5 x 24.9 mm
Discharge Plug: Traxxas High Current Style Connector
Balance Plug


  • 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Cell 50C-100C HardCase LiPo Battery Pack w/ Traxxas High Current Style Connector
  • Vant Battery Warranty w/ Lifetime Replacement Plan

Equipment Needed:
LiPo Balance charger capable of charging 2 cell LiPo batteries, Or a LiPo charger with an External Balancer

Equipment Recommended:
LiPo Safe Charging Bag/Sack/Pouch, Cell Voltage Reader

Safety Notes & Warnings:
LiPo batteries are potentially hazardous. Improper usage can cause fire or explosion.
Charge and Store battery in LiPo-Safe Bag away from flammables on a concrete surface.
Charge using a LiPo compatible Balance Charger ONLY!
Never Charge above 4.2V per cell.
Never Discharge below 3.2V per cell.
Always use under adult supervision.
Store the battery in a place not accessible by children or infants.
Do not short the battery’s positive and negative terminals.
Stop use of the battery if it expands or the temperature reaches above 70° Celsius / 160° Fahrenheit.
The end-user is fully responsible for any results in using this battery pack.

Package Weight 0.70 lbs
Package Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 1.5 in
Battery C-Rating

Battery Case

Battery Height


Battery Length


Battery mAh Rating

Battery Plug

Battery Voltage

50 reviews for 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Cell 50C-100C HardCase ROAR APPROVED LiPo Battery Pack w/ Traxxas High Current Style Connector

  1. James Fischer

    I’ve purchased several brands of batteries in the past and I’ve found Vant to be the best by far. I’ve been running the same 4 vant 3s batteries in my boats and trucks for almost 2 years now with not one issue. I also have 2s and 4s Vant batteries and get the same great performance as well. I don’t consider other brands anymore I just order Vant . The great price is a bonus.

  2. Tim Deronde

    These are excellent batteries for the money.

  3. jim valentine

    I purchased several of these batteries and each one is excellent. The cells matched perfectly and the batteries work great in my boats. I would recommend these batteries to anyone interested in low cost, high quality batteries. I’ve cycled these batteries 10 times or more and have had NO problems with charging or running. These are a great buy.

  4. David Leveillee

    These batteries have been a great find for me. They are a great product at a great price. So far they haven’t failed me once! I recommend everyone tries them for themselves.

  5. David Leveillee

    These batteries are a great product. I have several of these that I use everyday in multiple applications. I recommend these batteries to everyone looking to save a few dollars.

  6. Arthur Gebo

    This battery is excellent and lasts a long run time for my Axial Wraith.

  7. Steven Dahietl

    I am very happy with the battery. For this price, it can’t be beat!

  8. Ravi Basdeo

    This is an excellent supplier. I received fast shipping and good quality products.

  9. john santini

    This is an awesome product. My other 2s battery did not have the power that this one does. I tried 3s in my Traxxas Slash 4×4 for bashing, but it is too hard on the parts. This battery is the best of both worlds. It has plenty of power and it is easy on the parts. I highly recommend this battery.

  10. Robert Hicks

    These are nice batteries. I am going to purchase more as soon as I can!

  11. Tom Weldon

    I was skeptical at first about purchasing these batteries based on the low cost. Well I am glad I bought 2 of them for my Slashes! These batteries are every bit as good as those priced at twice the cost. I will definitely be buying more!

  12. Michael Durfee

    This product is more bang for your buck! After looking into many batteries out on the market, I found a battery that not only holds charges longer than others but is built better and at a very reasonable price. Why pay big money for a name when you could buy a Vant battery that will deliver that power on demand when you need it. These batteries are quality built and durable. You will NOT be disappointed with Vant Batteries.

  13. ROBERT halas

    Using this battery with 2WD slash stock 12Tmotor gives me more speed and more power. I have gotten a good half hour of solid play so far, and I am loving it. The Traxxas charger works great and in about and hour and fifteen minutes of charging, I was good to go. The shipment arrive and was by my door in 2days. Dirt Cheap RC has great service and fast shiping. Thank you.

  14. Oscar Mairena

    The 5200 mah LiPos are great. In my opinion, these are much better than the Traxxas LiPos I have been using. I used them on my E-Revo Brushless and Summit. I will be purchasing a couple more in the near future. I received very fast shipping.

  15. Michael Romano

    I actually have two of them a 2 cell and 3 cell. The 3 cell battery is my favorite, and the 2 cell I let my daughter use when she drives my car. I think Vant batteries are the best for quality, and price. They are extremely durable and keep charge very good. They also dish out a lot of power even the 2 cells. After my first Vant battery I purchased a couple months ago, that is all I will be buying from now on. I will be getting another one very soon.

  16. Steve Greenwell

    I use these batteries in a Stampede 4×4 VXL, and they really work well. They have plenty of punch and run time.

  17. Chris Ormond

    This is a very good battery. It has plenty of power and a long run-time. I have been running 2 Vant Battery 7.4V 5200mAh 2S Cell 50C-100C HardCase LiPo Battery Pack with Traxxas High Current Connector in my 1/8 buggy at the off road track at MMRC in Mannorvile, NY.

  18. Vincent Brown

    This is a great battery. I have used it so far for 8 charges. It works well in my Wraith and Stampede. This is an excellent price and a higher C rating than the competition.

  19. steven cromwell

    This is a good price and good product!

  20. Troy modesitt

    This is a great battery for the price! It has good run time, good punch, and everything the description said it was. I received great service from Dirt Cheap RC that will keep me coming back! Keep up the good work.

  21. Tom Benham

    I bought 2 of these packs along with the ProLead B680AC Charger. They are a great item and a great price!

  22. Josiah Hollis

    This is a great product. The costumer service was very helpful. Delivery was in a timely manner. I will be buying from them again.

  23. Brad Severs

    This is a great product. Thank you guys. You rock!

  24. Chris Ormond

    This is a very good battery! It is a very good price, very reliable, and very durable! I use this battery in my RC cars and trucks1/10 scale and 1/8 scale buggy series. Its easy to charge with no problems.

  25. michael romano

    I bought one of these batteries off of Ebay, and was unsure of the quality at first due to the ridiculously low price. However, after running it and comparing it to a Venom battery pack with very similar specs, I hands down vote the Vant battery pack to be of a higher quality. The warranty it comes with is also an amazing addition to the battery pack. I did have one issue with the battery I received the hard case is not very durable, and within the first time of using it without crashing it, the case cracked slightly. As a way to improve the durability of the battery I simply wrapped it in electrical tape, and it seems to be holding up fine know. Also, if you wrap it in electrical tape, and want it to be a different color, you can change it to your liking I made mine blue. I hope my review helped you, and I am interested in trying the 3c Vant battery next to see the difference in power. When that happens, I will let everyone know of the outcome.

  26. Doug Davis

    This is a great battery at a great price. Thanks guys!

  27. Chris Snipes

    I put this battery in my Traxxas 1/10 Rally and it really cooks!

  28. Mathew Collins

    This is significantly more powerful than the 2S 5000 mAh Turnigy 40c packs they replaced. They fit perfectly in my E-Revo Brushless.

  29. gary masterson

    This is a great buy! The battery performs just as well as top name brands in the RC world! I have been using this battery for over a month now and it has worked great! I have purchased another Vant LiPo 80c with 160c burst 7.4volt for my Slash 2WD. It is a great price for a great product.

  30. Marc Harris

    “Well, this is my second review and I’ve run two of these batteries since the beginning of summer. One battery has held up great and besides the Traxxas connector being loose it has been fantastic and performed flawlessly. The other battery didn’t do so well. After a few months one of the cells died. Customer service was helpful and since it was under warranty they sent me a new one for cost of postage. This seemed fair since I didn’t misuse or abuse the battery. However, the replacement they sent has been nothing but trouble. Upon initial inspection, the cells were out of balance by .05. I read online that this was acceptable, so I charged it and it ran for about 20 minutes. The first cell was reading about 3.9 and the second cell was reading 3.2. I have balanced and ran the battery several times since and the result is the same. It just sucks. This really frustrated me and I chose not to pursue customer service a second time. Personally, I’m not sure I would buy Vant again. 1 out of 3 doesn’t inspire much confidence. I gutted the battery that read it had a dead cell and the tab on top of second cell wasn’t connected very well. I didn’t have the guts to try and fix it. I haven’t taken apart the replacement battery they sent and I really don’t suggest anyone try to. It really isn’t worth the effort. I’m sorry for the negative review. I feel like I should have just paid the extra money for a more reliably known name brand.

    Admin Reply:
    Hi Marc,
    We are very sorry for the trouble with the batteries. We check the voltage and condition of every battery before shipping them to our customers. Sometimes battery packs have manufacturing defects which is impossible to know until they are used. Also, even perfectly fine battery packs can be damaged in transit by being dropped, crushed, thrown, etc. You would be surprised at how some packages are treated while in transit. Despite our best packaging efforts, there is simply some abuse that is impossible to protect against.
    As you have experienced, we have no problem satisfying you with working batteries. This is our cheapest, entry level pack as can be seen by the incredibly low price. It is of course designed to function reliably despite the price point. But manufacturing defects can occur, though infrequently. It seems that you may simply have been very unlucky. I am sorry to say, but it seems to be the case. We sell A LOT of these batteries and they have a very low failure rate of about 2%. So, only 2 out of 100 batteries come back to us defective. It seems that you unfortunately received these 2 🙁
    We will be reaching out to you now to offer you a replacement or an upgrade to remedy this situation. Thank you very much for your patience with us. We are here for you! Don’t forget that…”

  31. Brian Fick

    These are great guys to deal with. Thank you for a great battery and transaction! AAAAA++++

  32. Jesus Fuentes

    This is a great 7.4V LiPo and has a high 50c rating. It is at an unbeatable amazing price.

  33. Kerry Bannister

    It worked awesome, received fast shipping, and the children are happy!

  34. gary masterson

    This battery has a lot of power! I did some test runs in the alley and I was very happy with it. I am taking it to the track tomorrow and will let you know how it does. I’m thinking people are going to be eating my dust!

  35. William Case

    I received super fast shipping. The battery works great and it was packed well. Excellent online store!

  36. Jeff Peddle

    I received fast shipping. The battery works great and has a long life. It is a great product!

  37. Brian Keedle

    I received blazing fast shipping, and it seems like a great battery. I give A+ all the way around!

  38. John Porter

    You should be called GREASY FAST SHIPPING! I give you guys an A++! THANK YOU !

  39. Roy Stetson

    Batteries work great!!! They are worth the money! I will buy more of these.

  40. isaac soria

    I have had a little time with this pack and it performs well for the price. Compared to other name-brand batteries that have a 25c rating, it doesn’t have the punch at a stand still that they do. The 50c kicks in at speed. You can pop a wheelie at half speed. Also, my pack wasn’t a 5200. It was more like a 5300 or 5400. My charger picked this up, so even more bang for my buck! It is a great battery for the price.

  41. isaac soria

    “I have only run this about five times so if something goes wrong I will post it as well, because I am very skeptical. Overall, compared to other packs the performance is okay. My Venom 2S 25c gives me more punch than this, but it has been used more. This pack gives noticeably better punch on about half throttle instead of from a standing start. The run times are great and the battery I got is actually around 5250mah because my charger charges to 5200, but it still has more room to charge. Overall, it is an okay battery compared to other packs, but when looking at prices I’d call it great.

    Admin Reply:
    Hi Isaac. Please keep in mind that if you have a faulty battery we offer a 6 Month hassle-free warranty against manufacturing defects. Simply contact us. The issue with the ‘punch’ may involve your speed control and its settings. Some speedos offer a punch control setting where if the throttle is immediately pulled to 100%, it will start off slow. This protects from excessive cogging in unsensored systems and also helps with traction control. Please check your ESC settings to be sure they are set correctly.”

  42. Marc Harris

    My first LiPo battery purchase. I bought two and they both came perfectly balanced at 3.89 a cell. I have only ran the one so far today but just based on it I am pumped. I’ve been borrowing other more expensive batteries from friends at the track and this pack made their jaws drop, especially when I told them what I gave for it. I got just under an hour on one run in my 2WD Slash on the track and was running my fastest lap times ever. The customer service on this site is also excellent and they have made a customer for life. It is easily the best value for your money anywhere. I give a special shout out to Chris in customer service. I mistakenly ordered the wrong A arm and he was understanding and quick to get it fixed even though it was my mistake. Thanks again and I will be promoting you guys to all my friends.

  43. Matt VanDerSchuur

    I just want to put in another 5-star review for this battery. I use it in my 1.9 Rock Racer and love it. I went driving with a friend recently, and we were out for over an hour. The battery never ran out. I let another friend try it out in his Slash 4×4 and it seriously hauled. The truck just came alive and tore up the road and the dirt. We got about 45 minutes of video filming in with some epic stunts. This is a great battery for an awesome price! I can’t recommend it enough. I mean, why spend twice as much on a battery that performs the same?

  44. Stephen Toohey Jr

    “I received two of these batteries on Thursday and charged them Saturday night. I bought them to double up and use in my 1/8th scale buggy. I got through the first 2 heats and about 10 seconds into the A-main, one of them went bad. I tested it out on another car and a charger and nothing. I’m not impressed. I can’t wait to try an return this battery to China and get my new one in return in 40 days via Sherpa. I’m never getting batteries from here again.

    Admin Reply:
    I am sorry that you have had issues with a battery. This is why we offer a 6 month warranty directly through our store. There is no need to ship your battery to China and wait a long time. Warranty service from us is very easy and very quick. Simply contact us and we will be glad to help!”

  45. Rorey White

    These are great batteries. They are exactly as described!

  46. Brad George

    I received fast shipping. These are great, inexpensive battery packs. I love these guys!

  47. Clifford Cords

    These packs are such a great deal. Dirt Cheap RC shipped them fast, too!

  48. Ryan Sluga

    These are nice batteries. They have a lot of power. They last over forty-five minutes in my E-Revo, when I’m beating on it. It is the “wheelie king”.

  49. Jeff Underwood

    I am very pleased with this battery pack! Thank you!

  50. Jon Affeldt

    Considering the price, this is the best battery out there! I received fast shipping, too!

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