This is our professional charging cable for 2S LiPo/LiHV race packs that have 4mm or 5mm bullet plugs.

At one end are 4mm bullet plugs that plug into your charger. 4mm Safety Style bullet plugs are used to prevent accidental crossing of the terminals while the cable is still connected to your battery pack. Also at this end of the cable is a 2S JST-XH balance plug that plugs into your charger or balance board.

At the other end of the cable, we have a dual purpose 4mm/5mm bullet plug that will connect directly to your 2S LiPo/LiHV race pack. Also at this end is the required 2mm bullet plug for balancing the pack.

All in all this is a safe and extremely convenient way to charge your battery packs in the comfort of a LiPo Safe Bag with plenty of cable length.


  • High Quality Wires and Plugs
  • 14AWG Stranded Wire for High Current Charging
  • 2ft Wire Length (60cm, 600mm)
Package Weight 0.15 lbs
Package Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 0.5 in
Cable Plug #1

4mm Safety Bullet

Cable Plug #2

4mm/5mm Step Bullets

Cable Type

Charging Cable, Pro Charging Cable


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